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With “Little Leagues”, now every residential complex can boast of having a mini sports academy with facilities otherwise available only at specialized sports academies, helping their children get qualified training from the safety of their homes.

Specialized Coaches

You dont need to travel hours to take your child to the best academy in town any more. We bring the best coaches, and training equipments right to your society. Our coaches are specialized trainers who have mentored several students in the past and have played their sport competitively

Structured training

Our programs are uniquely designed by specialized coaches and physical trainers, ensuring a systematic learning for your child. Easy access to expert coaches ,ensures that your child gets the personalized feedback and attention they need


We organize regular tournaments and leagues, to help develop the true competitive spirit of sports in children. These events not only provide a better exposure to the children, but also helps us  identify those budding talents, who can then be groomed further for a successful sporting career


Little Leagues brings quality sports coaching to children at their doorsteps. Through our unique model, we enable the benefits of a sports academy and club within the modern residential complexes, by leveraging their existing infrastructure and augmenting them with our state of art equipment and facilities.

Starting from Table Tennis, Chess, Football, Martial Arts, Yoga to Cricket, Basketball, Badminton and Tennis (depending on available infrastructure with each residential complex), we offer a wide range of options for children to choose from


Little Leagues ensures that your kid’s playing time is utilized in the best way possible under the guidance of expert professionals in the comfort of your own apartment. We intend to add both fun and learning quotient in the correct measure.

 Not only will the kids learn the sports in the correct form and technique, but the tournaments hosted by us will give them the necessary exposure to the outside competition as well.

 We will strive to bring out the best in the kids and give our Nation the future champions.


At Little Leagues, we offer a wide range of sports to ignite the passion and potential of our students. Choose from table tennis, lawn tennis, cricket, football, chess, yoga, martial arts, skating, basketball, athletics, kho-kho, and kabaddi. Our diverse selection ensures that every learner within your residential complex can find their calling and excel in their chosen discipline. Join us to experience the thrill, develop skills, and embrace a healthy and active lifestyle through the sport that resonates with you.


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  • Authentic Products: Collection of genuine sports equipment & gear
  • Unbeatable Prices: Lowest prices on high-quality sports gear
  • Convenient Delivery: Easy  doorstep delivery
  • Expert Advice: Product recommendations and guidance from coaches
  • Wide Range of Sports: From tennis to fottball, basketball to swimming, we have you covered.
  • Exceptional customer service and a seamless shopping experience


Little Leagues is truly a unique initiative, that helped children in our gated community spend quality play time learning a sport from a professional. It not only helps them get fitter and stronger, but builds skills like team-work, collaboration and sportsmanship


Mother, 9 year old, Kolkata

Little Leagues is a great initiative that helped us fully utilize the infrastructure of our society for the benefit of our children. they can now play and learn different sports within the complex, under expert coaches and guides.

Shyam Mohan

President, Society, Kolkata

This is a unique effort by the Little Leagues team, which helps bring quality sports training to every child within their gated communities. Access to quality teachers is often an issue due to which students are not able to learn and pursue sports in India

Pranab Singh

Sports Coach, Kolkata


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