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Experience our innovative in-school sports program that combines comprehensive curriculum-based learning, expert coaching, and a passion for holistic development. Empower students to excel in sports and embrace a healthy and active lifestyle with our integrated approach.

In-School Curriculum-Based Sports Program

Ignite the Champions Within

Our In-School Curriculum-Based Sports Program is a comprehensive and structured approach to sports education, fostering the overall health and fitness development of students. Operating at three levels—Junior Stars (Nursery to Class 2), Rising Stars (Class 3-5), and Elite Stars (Class 6-12)—this program ensures a systematic and progressive learning journey for students. From laying the foundation of fundamental movement skills to exploring a diverse range of sports and developing advanced techniques, our program empowers students to excel in sports and embrace a healthy and active lifestyle.

Key Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Our program follows a carefully designed curriculum that aligns with the school approach and the National Education Policy (NEP). It offers a structured framework for systematic sports education, promoting holistic development across various age groups.
  • Skill Enhancement: We focus on building strong fundamental movement skills and gradually introduce students to a wide range of sports disciplines. Through expert coaching and targeted training, students develop advanced techniques and enhance their overall athletic abilities.
  • Progressive Approach: Our curriculum is designed to ensure continuous progress and growth. Students move through different levels, acquiring new skills and knowledge at each stage, preparing them to thrive in competitive sports environments.
  • Holistic Development: Alongside skill development, our program emphasizes the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline, and resilience. We believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals who embody these values both on and off the field.
  • Aligned with NEP: Our curriculum and teaching methodologies are in line with the objectives of the National Education Policy (NEP). We strive to create an inclusive and empowering learning environment that promotes physical fitness, cognitive development, and overall well-being.


    Little League’s specialized curriculum is developed keeping in mind various stages of the physical and psychological needs of the children. It ensures every child participates in sports activities, which helps the child to form a healthy habit for the rest of his life.

    Join our In-School Curriculum-Based Sports Program and unlock the athletic potential of your students at every level.

    Junior Stars (Nursery - Class 2)

    Lay the Foundation for Success
    Lay the foundation for success in sports with our Junior Stars program. We focus on developing fundamental movement skills and introducing basic sports concepts. Through engaging fitness activities and skill enhancement exercises, we create a solid platform for young learners to embark on their athletic journey.

      Rising Stars (Class 3-5)

      Unleash the Power of Exploration
      Unleash the power of exploration with our Rising Stars program. Students get to explore a diverse range of sports disciplines, discovering their passions and strengths along the way. From cricket and football to basketball, athletics, and more, we provide a multisport approach to foster a well-rounded understanding of different sports.

          Elite Stars (Class 6-12)

          Empower Athletes to Soar
          Empower athletes to soar with our Elite Stars program. We offer specialized training across multiple sports to enhance skills, technique, and tactical understanding. With a focus on advanced skill development, physical fitness, and competitive opportunities, we help students reach their full potential and excel in their chosen sports.

            A range of services to enhance training experience

            Discover a world of additional offerings that enrich the sports journey for students. From thrilling tournaments and empowering coach training to wellness clinics and prestigious scholarships, we go beyond our programs to provide a comprehensive sports experience that nurtures talent, promotes well-being, and fosters a love for sports.

            Tournaments and Leagues

            Fostering Sportsmanship and Competition Engage in healthy competition with our inter and intra school tournaments and leagues. These events provide students with opportunities to showcase their skills, develop sportsmanship, and build camaraderie within the school community.

            Scholarships for Top Talent

            Recognizing and nurturing exceptional talent, our scholarships for top talent provide deserving students with the opportunity to further develop their skills and pursue their sporting dreams. We aim to support and empower promising athletes, enabling them to reach their full potential.

            Sports Wellness Clinics

            Promote a culture of sports and wellness with our sports wellness clinics for kids and parents. These clinics offer valuable insights and guidance on physical fitness, nutrition, injury prevention, and overall well-being, empowering families to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle.


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