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Join the revolution of hassle-free sports learning for your child! Sign up today for our top-notch badminton coaching program in Kolkata, right within your residential complex. With state-of-the-art equipment and experienced coaches, your child is guaranteed to receive the best training experience. Don’t wait, take the first step towards your child’s sports success today!


Little Leagues has developed a proven coaching methodology based on your child’s technique and character, which focuses on it from the very first day. Our coaching programmes instill these values and behaviours in order to create exceptional players who are also extraordinary individuals. It’s important for your child to have an edge in living complexes with Little Leagues LIVE, where they can play safely and conveniently.

Key features of our coaching program

  • Dedicated Expert Coaches
  • Focus on fundamentals techniques of holding a grip, basic footwork & strokes
  • Balancing and coordination skills
  • Regular assessments and feedback to track progress



Empower your child to reach their sporting dreams with our sporting facilities within the convenience of your residential complex. No more wasting time and energy travelling hours to a sports academy, or waiting for your child’s turn to practice – now make learning an enjoyable part of your child’s everyday life with ease

Progressive Learning

Our structured training modules will give your child the necessary skills to reach their full potential. Our coaches ensure, that your child fully utilizes their play time, stay engaged while gradually growing in their skills, techniques and fitness with each session

Flexible & Affordable

Choose between any of our flexible time slots. Most of our classes are held in the afternoons to maximize your child’s playtime without hampering academics or other commitments. And the best part, your child can choose any sport they like, all at the most affordable rates

Exposure & Growth

Help your child shine through our regular leagues and tournaments. This helps develop a competitive spirit in your child and help bring out the budding talent in them at an early stage, so that they can be  groomed further for a successful sporting career


BAdminton Coaching

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